"The Loom" - click here for photo of free standing


It is more than twenty years since I first designed and offered, free, for personal use only, this design for a basic copper tapestry loom with warp tension adjustment and possibilities for many developments. It was an inexpensive loom for beginners, for test weaving and small works. A number of copies- with questionable improvements- are now being marketed elsewhere.
As a result my son and I are now offering a new version, for purchase, with many developments.
This tapestry loom is still readily portable; dismountable; free standing; height adjustment; increased warp tension adjustment; efficient leash (heddle] fittings; and can accommodate a tapestry up to 20 inches wide and more than thirty inches high. It is again constructed of copper parts and designed by me, a tapestry maker of long, diverse experience The loom comes with notes, diagrams, assembly and adjustment guide.
Price - $200 + $30 Shipping
(price increased Feb 2012 due to cooper prices)

By telephone 541.915.2523
By snail mail-
Jesse Brennan
3507 NE 7th Ave
Portland, OR  97212


small copper loom pdf

Small Copper Loom

free standing loom pdf

Free Standing Copper Loom

black pipe pdf

Large Black Pipe Loom

scaffold loom

Scaffold Loom

Click on an image to get a printable drawing with parts.

These looms were designed by Archie Brennan.
You may use these design for personal use but not to sell.